Symbolic and legal ceremonies

Symbolic - often, a couple will first get legally married in their home country before they come over to Portugal. A symbolic wedding ceremony is a way for you to celebrate your marriage with your friends and family in the beautiful sunshine and scenery of Portugal and in every way it is what you would expect from a wedding service. 

Legal and Symbolic combined- It's possible to combine a legal wedding service with a symbolic service, should you decide to use a registrar to legally marry you through the Portuguese state. The combining of the two ceremonies can work really well if carefully prepared in advance. I am able to conduct bilingual wedding ceremonies in Portuguese and English. 

Arranging the legal ceremony and the contact with the Conservatorio is often something your venue can arrange. However, should you need help in this process I work with a trusted partner who can support you. 

The Process

I offer a free no obligation Skype chat (or WhatsApp, or FaceTime) so that we can talk through what you would like for your ceremony.  Should you decide that you want me as your celebrant, I will then provide you with help and guidance in choosing the text and sequence for your symbolic ceremony. 

To help get you started, I will send you suggestions for texts that you might like to use, examples of other couple’s ceremonies that I have performed and pointers as to where you can get inspiration on the web.  


We will then work together to develop the content and sequence of your wedding ceremony that is completely personalised to you and reflects your unique relationship.  This can include readings, music and even symbolic rituals such as a sand ceremony, wine box ceremony, a hand joining ceremony or lighting a unity candle - the choice is yours!